Our Story

Meet Laura, the visionary behind LuLu Liquor Cakes.

  • As a proud mother of five, Laura not only navigates the terrain of parenthood but also embraces the wild, spontaneous, and adventurous facets of life. Her world resonates with the joy of family, the laughter of friends, and the creation of enduring memories. Weekends serve as her canvas, and spontaneous getaways with loved ones become her brushstrokes.

    Life, for Laura, is an exhilarating adventure filled with unexpected twists. A touch wild, witty, and outspoken, she lives a life without regrets, spreading love, kindness, and zero judgment. Every moment, to her, is a precious opportunity, meant to be seized with open arms, allowing the magic of life to unfold.

  • Beyond the thrill of adventure, Laura finds fulfillment in assisting others in achieving their goals and witnessing their transformative journeys. Life's opportunities are embraced, and she firmly believes in letting reasons unfold naturally.

    The exciting journey of LuLu Liquor Cakes commenced with a simple yet electrifying idea shared during a day-drinking excursion with Laura's girlfriends. With dedication, hard work, and an incredible support team, including her daughter Tessa and husband Nick, that idea evolved into a creation she's thrilled to share with you.

  • As you explore this space, be a part of Laura's exciting journey. Our boozy goodness isn't just a product; it's a delightful addition to the memories you craft with your friends and family.

    Here's to embracing life's adventures, creating lasting memories, and making every moment count. Laura is beyond thrilled to share this chapter of her life with you, and she hopes our cakes add a sprinkle of joy to your own journey.

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We recommend eating our cake jars within 7 days after receiving them. Refrigeration will extend the shelf life to 14 days after receiving them.

Need them to last longer? Our cake jars can be frozen for up to 6 months. 

We recommend enjoying our cake jars at room temperature!

Our cake jars do not require refrigeration, however we do recommend storing them in a cool, dry pace after receipt.

Cake jars can be frozen up to 6 months.

We recommend enjoying our cake jars at room temperature.

We offer vegan and gluten-free alternatives. Plus, we understand alcohol isn't for everyone, which is why we provide non-alcoholic cake jars as well.

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